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Londres, Paris, RomaCalifornia MissionsLas Misiones de CaliforniaSequoia, KC, YosemiteLos parques nacionales
Romance LangMy COMPUTeachER
Middel School 101Middel School 201LanguagesIdiomas.
MS ParentsPadres Escuela IntermediaKick Smokin'Deja de FumarMiddel Schoolin'Turning point
Arrete de FumerDeixe de FumarTips for LifeConsejos para la vida
Middle SchoolersRe-ZoomedZoom10 Tips NBCT
10 Tips Renew

Paul Rallion
I speak Spanish, French, English, and Portuguese. I worked a number of years as a Computer & Science Lab Instructor and made a career change from engineering to teaching.

I obtained my master's degree in Education, earned my National Board Certification, and became a Google Educator. Read some interesting
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"Don't borrow from Karma; she's a tough lender.” --Paul Rallion

“Electronic devices bring together people who are far away, but they can separate those who are together." --Paul Rallion

“Resources become scarce when too many people coexist in a relatively confined place." --Paul Rallion

“Take care of your money and your money will take care of you." --Paul Rallion

“Learning a first language is a work of nature. Learning a second language is a work of art. Learning three or more, that’s a masterpiece.” --Paul Rallion

“Make smart choices, so you don’t regret the consequences.” --Paul Rallion

“Time doesn’t fly, but it doesn’t stop,” —Paul Rallion

“I blame my spelling errors to Autoincorrect.” —Paul Rallion


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